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Can You Change a DAT Appearance Date?

When you receive a desk appearance ticket, it already contains the date and time you’re supposed to show up in court. Naturally, it’s never a good time. You have to work, you don’t have childcare, or your family is in town visiting.

In the worst-case scenarios, you work for the Board of Education, the Metropolitan Transit Authority, or another agency that won’t let you come to work while you have an outstanding DAT. Maybe you’re headed off to college or you’re joining the Army, and there’s no way you’ll make it to court on your DAT appearance date.

Of course you want to change it. Nearly everyone does.

So can you change your DAT appearance date? And if you can, how do you go about it?

Can You Change a DAT Date?

In short, you can’t change your desk appearance ticket date. Here’s how it breaks down: