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Long Island Speeding Ticket Lawyer

A speeding ticket can leave you with high fines and, in some cases, without a license. Protect your future by seeking out a Long Island lawyer for the defense you need.

When you’re accused of speeding, it can be tough to recover. Worse, speeding tickets may come down to your word against the word of a police officer. That’s a stressful position to be in, and many people choose not to fight back, unfortunately. Instead, they accept the consequences, which can be serious.

If you’re concerned about the costs of your ticket, don’t plead guilty right away. Instead, reach out to a Long Island speeding ticket lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows. Our attorneys understand the difficult position you’re in, and they’ll help you fight back to get your ticket reduced or dismissed.

Speeding Ticket Consequences

If you’ve been accused of speeding in Long Island and you don’t fight back, you could be facing penalties for years to come. While the consequences will depend on the speed at which you were accused of going, many of the penalties will only become more severe with time.

For example, your fines could be high. Depending on how far above the speed limit you were accused of going, your fines could be in the hundreds of dollars. If this isn’t your first ticket, that amount could be even higher. Worse, your insurance company may raise your insurance premiums, giving you long-term financial effects while you’re trying to recover.

Your speeding ticket may also affect your license. Many people accused of driving recklessly or at excessive speeds could have their license suspended for that offense alone. That means you’ll need to cover your vehicle’s expenses and your alternate forms of transport. Asking a friend or relative for a ride can be embarrassing, and public transport doesn’t give you the same freedom and flexibility as driving.

Speeding Ticket Points

Unfortunately, your penalties don’t stop there. If you’ve already accepted a traffic ticket and received points on your license, you’ll need to fight back. Those points on your license will add up over time, and eleven points in eighteen months will net you a license suspension.

If you’ve already received a few points for other offenses, you might already be on the brink of a license suspension. That means even the lowest number of points given for a speeding ticket, only three points, could leave you without a license.

To avoid these points, you’ll need to fight your ticket. While other options, like driving school, can keep points off your license, they can also be expensive. As such, it’s best to seek a dismissal, avoiding all the consequences of a Long Island speeding ticket.

Fighting a Speeding Ticket in Long Island

When you’re accused of speeding, you’ll need a defense that’s tailored to your unique situation. That means your Long Island lawyer will need to find the best defense based on the details of your ticket.

For example, the officer may have given you a ticket for driving what they believed to be too fast for the conditions. New York’s speeding law states that you may be found for speeding if the weather conditions are severe, such as a heavy rain, which makes it dangerous to drive at the speed limit. In these cases, your lawyer will fight to show that you were still traveling at a safe speed.

If you’re not sure how to best defend your case, reach out to a speeding ticket attorney in Long Island. They can review your claim and determine the best way to address the speeding ticket and possibly get it dismissed.

Free Advice Can Hurt Your Claim

With all the information on the internet about speeding tickets and New York laws, it can be easy to think that you could simply fight your ticket without a lawyer’s help. Unfortunately, while online advice can give you some answers, it may not replace personalized attention to your case.

It’s unfortunate, but the information you might find on the internet isn’t always accurate. Websites may not have updated to reflect new rules and regulations, or they may contain outdated information about speeding tickets.

For example, many websites suggest that if your speeding ticket has even minor mistakes, you can get your ticket dismissed on those grounds. However, minor errors won’t be enough to get your speeding ticket dismissed. If you relied on this method, however, you might be left without the defense you need. As such, it’s important to seek out the experience and knowledge a Long Island lawyer can bring to your case.

Long Island Speeding Ticket FAQ

Speeding tickets can vary depending on the location, the speed you’re accused of driving, and other factors. Unfortunately, that often means that drivers struggle to get the answers they need from many FAQs offered online.

Fortunately, we can offer more than an FAQ. While we do offer answers to some of the questions we often hear, we also provide personal responses to your questions during our consultations. So, if you have a question and you need a specific answer, reach out for the help you need.

Can I fight a speeding camera ticket?

Yes, you can fight a speeding camera ticket. While the footage will be reviewed during your court date, you’ll have a chance to present your own evidence. For example, you might have been passing through the area when the cameras should not have been operating, such as a weekend in a school zone.

Will my license be suspended for speeding?

While your license may not be suspended for speeding alone, especially reckless speeds or having enough points on your license can lead to a suspension. If you were found driving more than 40 mph over the speed limit, you’ll receive eleven points on your license, leading to a suspension.

What's the difference betwen absolute and basic speed laws?

Absolute speed law refers to the speed limit you see on the sign. This law is the maximum speed you can legally travel. However, basic speed law refers to the road conditions and how they can affect your driving speed.

For example, while the absolute speed may be 45 mph, it could be snowing. Under these conditions, the speed at which you can drive safely may be even lower. So, even if you were driving 45 mph, a police officer may decide to pull you over if they decide that the weather conditions warrant it.

Contact a Long Island Lawyer about Your Speeding Ticket

When you’re facing a speeding ticket in Long Island, it can be tough to decide what to do and to fight back for your compensation. Your license may be in danger, your fines may be high, and your insurance can leave you suffering through long-term effects. Worse, you might not be sure how to defend yourself over the word of a police officer.

That’s why you need a lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows on your side. Having legal help on your team can make a difference when you’re struggling to recover. That’s why our lawyers offer free consultations. When you’re overwhelmed and struggling to get answers and results, our lawyers can guide you through your speeding ticket case.

When you’re fighting a Long Island speeding ticket, make sure you have the right help on your side by contacting a Long Island speeding ticket lawyer. Take advantage of our free consults so you’ll know whether we’re the right team for you before you sign anything. For more information, give us a call at 917-477-4749 or fill out the online form below.