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New York City Points Lawyer

The New York State Driver Point System is extremely strict. You can face severe penalties for a single traffic violation. In fact, Just a handful of violations over the course of eighteen months can result in the suspension of your license.

Having a New York City points lawyer on your side if you are facing any kind of traffic violation or citation in New York City is an important first step toward making sure that your driving record is not adversely affected by point accumulation.

Getting Caught by Surprise

Many people who move to New York City do not understand how the point system works and are caught off guard by how quickly points can add up.

If you receive a traffic ticket, it is always advisable to fight it. Speak with a New York City points lawyer as soon as possible to begin collecting evidence and building a case that can prove your innocence. It may be possible to have the ticket overturned or reduced.

How the New York State Driver Point System Works

The point system works by assigning drivers a certain number of points for different traffic violations.

For example, you could be given five points for driving while using a cell phone. These points accumulate over time and do not disappear from your license for a minimum of eighteen months. The more points you receive, the closer you are to having your license revoked. If you receive eleven points in an eighteen-month period, your New York license will be suspended.

You have to be careful even if you manage to avoid the eleven-point limit. You can also have your license suspended if you acquire twelve points in three years. These strict limits are what makes fighting each and every traffic ticket so necessary and are why working with a talented New York City points lawyer is so important.

Reducing Points

There are two ways to reduce the number of points on your record.

The fastest way is to involve a New York City points lawyer from the beginning of the case. I can try to get the charges dismissed or to have the ticket reduced in severity.

Depending on the available evidence, it isn’t always possible to have a ticket overturned, but it may be possible to have the charges reduced. This works to your advantage, as it results in fewer points accumulating on your record.

Under the NYS Driver Point System, you are also able to reduce the number of points on your record by taking a defensive driving course. The course doesn’t actually remove points from your record, but it does reduce the number of points used to calculate a suspension by four.

Get Help with Your Driving Record

The Law Office of James Medows can help you combat your traffic ticket and keep as many points as possible from accumulating on your driving record. Sometimes the advice and experience of a New York City points lawyer is all that stands between you and losing your license.

To discuss your case in detail, call or text 917-856-1247. You can also schedule a consultation by sending an email with the specifics of your traffic ticket and points total.