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It may seem minor, but a ticket for failing to use your turn signal can add points to your license that can increase your insurance costs and potentially render you unable to legally drive. To fight your ticket, team up with an NYC turn signal violation lawyer.

If you were ticketed for failing to use your turn signal, you have the right to challenge that ticket. If you successfully have your ticket thrown out, you could keep points off of your record and prevent a possible future license suspension.

But challenging a ticket isn’t easy without years of legal experience and knowledge. To get legal help, speak with an NYC turn signal ticket lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows.

What Are the Penalties?

Tickets for failing to use a turn signal result in points being added to your driving record. The more points, the more likely that your license will be suspended temporarily or permanently. A turn signal violation can result in two points being added to your driving record, in addition to a fine.

Sometimes, a ticket can contain more than one violation. In this case, the points will be added up. For example, failing to use a turn signal is two points and driving one to ten miles per hour above the speed limit is three points. That means if you drove too quickly and failed to use your turn signal, five points could be added to your driving record.

Why Should I Fight an NYC Turn Signal Ticket?

If you receive eleven points in an eighteen-month period, your license could be suspended. But an NYC turn signal ticket attorney can fight your tickets and work to keep those points off of your license.

What Defenses Can I Use to Fight a Turn Signal Violation?

An NYC turn signal violation attorney can make several arguments in your defense. Some common arguments used in these cases include the following:

  • The turn signal was triggered but did not work due to an unknown electrical short.
  • The light was burned out, but the signal was triggered.
  • The turn signal was triggered, but it did not stay on.
  • You were forced to turn suddenly to avoid a collision with a vehicle or pedestrian.
  • There was not enough lighting to see the turn ahead of time.
These defenses can sometimes be used to have your ticket waived entirely. A lawyer can provide evidence to back up these claims, making it more likely that your defense will be accepted as legitimate.

Can Points Ever Be Reduced?

When the points on your license are getting high, you can choose to take a driving safety course. Once you’ve completed it, four points will be removed from your license.

Your lawyer can use this as a tool to help you keep your license. For example, if you already have nine points and are facing an NYC turn signal ticket—worth two points on your license— your attorney can request that you are allowed to take a driving safety course so that the additional two points do not result in your license being suspended.

Get Help from a New York Turn Signal Ticket Lawyer

A violation as seemingly minor as failing to use your turn signal can have serious implications on your life. If you’re facing a turn signal ticket and worried about what comes next, you may want to speak with a lawyer at the Law Office of James Medows.

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